Wim Debreuck

EDA/Kafka architect at cymo.eu

In: linkedin.com/in/wim-debreuck/

Business Analist/Solution architect/Kafka addict and cofounder of software engineering company Debreuck Neirynck (d-n.be) and streaming company Cymo.eu.

Certified Volére
Speaker at BA & Beyond Antwerp 2018, Belgium
Speaker at DDD Europe Amsterdam 2019, Netherlands
Speaker at 2nd European Business Analysis day 2019, Frankfurt, Germany
Speaker at International Conference of the System Dynamics Society 2019, Albuquerque, US
Speaker at Oracle Autonomous Database Summit Bruxelles 2019
Speaker at Radboud University: System Dynamics & Streaming Architectures lecture
Member IIBA

EDA architect for mateco, AXA insurance BE and Nike


  • Event Driven Architecture & Governance in action